—– Inkblazers
—– SmackJeeves

This is Pigtail Studio’s online graphic novel series. We started working on it in the spring  of 2007. It’s been planned to be up to 10 volumes long. Here is the Status:

Volume 01 – Complete and Printed
Volume 02 - In production. Script complete.

Direction & Writing By: MB
Art By: Kevin Raganit
Final Color & Tones By: MB, Kevin RaganitLiliana Diaz
Flat Coloring By: Liliana Diaz
Script Editing By: Liliana Diaz


Additional Help On Earlier Pages:  Kate Rhodes for coloring, toning & script editing; Jennifer Xu toning pages.
Special Thanks To: Julie Rhodes,  and Victoria Langley for assisting in script editing for earlier pages.
Genres: Action, Drama, Sci-fi, Seinen, Shounen

About The Series:
This is a journey with people competing to get super powers through a survival game. Like in life, no one really knows what they’re doing. As a result the characters will be uncertain of their actions and/or ambitions. You’ll be following the adventure of a non-typical protagonist, whose name will be a mystery for those of you who did not read Volume 01.

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