What we have here is a line chibis done in a specific style that we’ve dubbed ‘Chibi Dollz’.  What defines this style is the form and proportion of the body? From very small body to the large circular head with minimal facial features, it brings a funky, bold and cute character to life.


  • Digital File is 150dpi, 1000 pixels x 830 pixels.
  • Printed File is a choice between a 11″ x 8.5″ size print or laminated keychain. The price includes shipping and handling.

1. Black & White/(Line art)

$15  (Digital File)
$25  (Printed File)

2. Color Digital
30 (Digital File)
$40  (Printed File)

3. Color Traditional
           $35 (5.5″x 7″ Bristol paper illustration, colored by Copics.)
Each additional character/person per illustration will be $20 extra. (Maximum paper size for groups is 11″ x 8.5″.)

Policy: PigtailStudio owns the style and design. You are not allowed to mass produce or sell our commissions. You are not allowed to make merchandise with our commissions, artwork or design. You are not allowed to take credit. All rights belong to Kevin D. Raganit, Kate Rhodes, M.B., Liliana Diaz and Jennifer Xu.


  • The style & form was designed by Kevin D. Raganit when he decided to chibi-fy Ponzi characters back in September of 2010.
  • At NYAF 2010 we started doing Chibi portraits. This included two styles Chibi Dollz by Kevin D.R. & regular elongated Chibis by Jennifer Xu.
  • Over the summer of 2011 Pigtail Studio decided to do their favorite characters from various movies, Japanese animation, and many other forms of entertainment in the Chibi Dollz style.  Each artist of Pigtail studio participated in this project and ended up creating a series of more than 100 different characters. They were then launched and sold for the first time at NYAF 2011.


  • I saw you at a convention and I’m wondering if you sell chibi key-chains online? We do not. You can check our main site, twitter, or facebook pages to see which conventions we’ll be attending and when.
  • Do you accept commissions? Yes, we do. Feel free to contact us.
  • I saw that your Chibi Dollz collection does not have this character, will you have it next time? Our current library is closed. If we do not carry the character then feel free to commission us.
  • I am interested for commissioning you to design a T-shirt or Merchandise using your style of Chibis, How can I do that? The price for this would be different, since it’s a bigger project. You will have to e-mail us to begin the negotiations.

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